Who Are We

Purrfect is about being perfect for our little ones, ensuring they are in the best of health.

Purrfect’s nutritional supplement provides ‘Food State’ vitamins, minerals, proteins, trace elements and other vital nutritional components or co-factors. The Food State nutrients in our holistic canine/feline formula are proven to be the most effective available.

The formula has been designed by pets owners who love their friend. The purpose is to provide nutrients in a form (Food State) that our pets digestion and absorption can recognise and use. Many opinions indicate that dogs/cats (like humans) can no longer rely upon the food chain for all our nutrient needs.

The need for a supplement becomes more evident when we understand that the quality of many manufactured wet and dry dog’s foods. These are mainly manufactured from poor quality ingredients and synthetic vitamins and minerals.

The choice we should therefore address is do we offer a supplement or not. If we do choose to offer our pets a supplement what type of nutritional supplement is best for them? Are they real supplements? Are they truly nutritional? Are they harmful?

Food State Vitamins & Minerals

Food State nutrients are essentially nutrients which are presented in the same form as is found in unprocessed foods.

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Nobel Prize Winning Research

The scientific validation of chaperon proteins and vital nutritional

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Protected by U.S. District Court

We successfully proved our case before the U.S. District Court (Case no. C8920658SQ).

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