Why Us

Food State Vitamins & Minerals

What are Food State vitamins, minerals and essential co-factors and why are they best for pets? Food State nutrients are essentially nutrients which are presented in the same form as is found in unprocessed foods.

This is a crucially important distinction, because the form which nutrients such as vitamins and minerals take makes a great difference to the maintenance of good health. The main reason for this is that depletion of nutrients in soil today impoverishes normal foodstuffs. This is as true for our pets as it is for humans.

The standard vitamins and minerals sold as pets and human supplements are often termed “natural”; however, a glance at the ingredients listed will reveal that they are in fact of chemical origin. This means that they are not presented in the form in which the animal’s digestive tract is designed to receive and utilise vitamins and minerals.

Food State nutrients in our pets’ formula are thus designed to provide nutrients that may be in short supply from ready prepared meals, whether dry or wet.

Nobel Prize Winning Research

The scientific validation of chaperon proteins and vital nutritional co-factors.

The decisive discovery of the delivery of nutrients to cells through this mechanism was announced at Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Michigan, and confirmed with the awarding of the 1999 Nobel Prize for Physiology. These findings substantiate that nutrients are not simply floating around in the body looking for a needy cell. Rather, they are being transported by vital carrier protein factors to the exact location for utilisation within the cell, with the aid of the information carried by the chaperon proteins.

Dr Gunter Blobel
Dr Gunter Blobel was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for discovering that proteins (a nutrient co-factor) have intrinsic signals that act as “address tags”, governing their transport and localization in the cell. These signals also determine whether a protein will pass through a membrane to a particular site within the cell or be exported out of the cell. In addition, his study confirmed that plants can transform inorganic substances into forms that are readily used by the human body.

Protected by U.S. District Court

In 1993, we were challenged in court. Five internationally recognized FDA scientists were assigned to examine the molecular structure of our nutrients. Leading edge technologies from NASA were used, including nuclear magnetic resonance. We successfully proved our case before the U.S. District Court (Case no. C8920658SQ).

  • Made with Food Ingredients – not chemical ingredients
  • Contains nutrients proven more effective
  • Contains nutrients proven more bioavailable
  • Contains important antioxidants that combat harmful free radicals
  • NO GMO ingredients
  • NO preservatives or antibiotics
  • FREE from added sugars
  • FREE from colourings, flavourings and preservatives
  • FREE from wheat and milk products